Working with You

When talking about Equity Investment and Stock Research, it is fair to say that no two clients are the same, and this is also true of their performance criteria.

To achieve this, one of our experienced professionals will take the time to explore your current status, your anticipated investment cash flow and your funds commitment priorities. To ensure we recommend the best stock selections and provide the best market information, it is important that we fully understand your needs and portfolio requirements.

Our Proposals will be able to move you ahead successfully in portfolio management and asset allocation that emphasizes profit targeted, risk mitigated, equity positions. In establishing a suitable plan, your Account Manager will put forward carefully considered Stock Recommendations and Research Reports tailored to your Equity Management style and Percentage Gain Targets.

Once you have selected your Equity Trades and they are in place, we will then continue to monitor these positions and recommend reasonable exit points when targets are met or revise targets where appropriate. You will receive monthly reports, regular reviews, newsletters, new offering suggestions and face to face meetings in our offices in Hong Kong.

The success of any Investment Portfolio is not just in the initial selection of the investment, but more importantly, in the ongoing management and pro-active amendments needed to stay ahead of the unfolding fundamentals affecting a particular stock issue. This would include world politics, relative competitiveness in international markets and industry sector shifts.

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