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Equity and Market Research

Our research team hunt-down strong market sector returns using our extensive quantitative research, alpha generation modeling and time tested sector analysis along with trade timing tools. Access to these innovative analytics provides our financial institution clients with uncovered unique value opportunities, urgent momentum stock picks and strategic response to market change. Increased portfolio returns and effective risk management are corner stones of our equity research and stock picking efforts.

Extensive industry knowledge and insightful analysis drive actionable investment ideas. REM equity research team was designed to address the unmet needs of institutional investors. Our analysts generate company-specific research, and the sector teams also work with our macro, technical, derivatives and event-driven research teams to identify investment ideas.

Our mission is to provide proprietary insights into institutionally relevant companies, and our analysts strive to be thought leaders in their respective industries. To accomplish this mission, our analysts utilize their well-established networks of industry contacts, perform extensive channel checks and generate comprehensive returns-based analysis. The result is tactical stock ratings focused on picking secular winners and losers within cyclical-based sectors.

Fee Based Research is now the new norm for institutional and private equity clients alike. A good indicator of the value of research is the amount institutional investors are willing to pay for it. Institutional investors often pay handsomely independent research firms for additional work. All this amounts to big money, but the institutions realize that research is integral to making successful investment decisions. This "other research" is filling the information gap created by Wall Street. Independent research firms and boutique brokerage firms are providing research on the stocks that have been orphaned by Wall Street.

This means that independent research firms are becoming the main source of information on a majority of stocks.

We use a number of factors in selecting a coverage universe of high-quality companies with good growth prospects. Among them is the company's product line, level of service and, most important, the company's management. In terms of growth, analysts look for companies that can sustain annual earnings gains of 25% or more; year over year. The research universe is almost evenly divided among micro-cap, small-cap, mid-cap, and large-cap stocks. The universe is well diversified geographically; with companies listed globally.

From time to time, over the course of the year, the Institution research department will release to Private Equity accounts special stock picks of high success probability to materialize within a short time frame.

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